Look, live and feel your best

At Hekaya we believe that your clothing is more than just a fashion statement. 

Behind our wardrobes there is a story. The way we dress often represents the way we feel, whether it's wanting to make an impression or project an image.

In a world where we are inundated with fashion brands, now more than ever, there needs to be authentic and meaningful brand identities. It is my belief that we have a responsibility to create platforms which speak to our communities, which we will aim to do, whilst drawing on our values of celebration, togetherness, freedom, creativity and progress.

Within Africa, we look to the big international fashion brands, maybe buying a piece or two which makes us feel trendy. However, there is a unique opportunity not just to emulate what we see, but to create a new path. Where nothing is as linear or clear cut as it used to be, brands can weave the feelings which fashion evokes, and use their positions to build not just companies but strong communities.

At Hekaya, we want to make a mark as an African e-commerce and empowerment company. We will strive to create a world class shopping experience which makes our community proud, whilst spearheading campaigns of positive social impact which inspire and empower a rising generation of women to look, live and feel their best. 

Rashlin Bhachu
Founder, Hekaya

Our Vision

Our vision is to tell a story through fashion, media and the power of community that celebrates the beauty, strength and dreams of African women.


Hekaya, means fable in Swahili. We picked the name as a synonym for story, representing our new values.

Our Manifesto


Life is not easy but it is beautiful. We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences but we can come together with shared aspirations to write our Hekaya.

At Hekaya we live by the values of celebration, togetherness, creativity, freedom and progress. We celebrate the beauty and splendour of Africa and her people. We are peacemakers and community creators and are motivated by our shared humanity, challenges and aspirations.

We believe African creativity can inspire a generation. We are idealistic, have big dreams and believe our collective creativity can shape the future for the better. Ultimately we are hope filled and conviction driven and move forward with strength, resilience and positivity. 

Read the full manifesto here

Our Collections


Each of our collections has been crafted with our customer in mind and strives to bring beautiful, high quality pieces which can become forever keepsakes in your wardrobe. We have experimented with a mix of fabrics from linen to satin, a variety of colours from vibrant yellow to muted beige, and a range of prints.

Our design and sampling process for each collection takes 3-4 months, with thorough quality control each step of the way so that we can continue to bring you versatile and bespoke pieces which are instantly recognisable as Hekaya.

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