Hekaya Futures is a new virtual event designed to equip, encourage and build community. We want to celebrate individual stories, share time together and work to create an exciting African future! Our goal is to bring people together, learn, dream and see each individual's potential realised.

We will explore a range of topics and discussions to appeal to our Hekaya community, from young mums and graduates to budding fashionistas and entrepreneurs. Our goal is for each person to feel empowered and energised for the season ahead.


The theme of this year's virtual event is Strength In The Face Of Adversity. We feel that this theme is especially relevant right now! We live in a world where women and youth have more opportunities than ever before, however there are many challenges to overcome.

Whether it's trying to create a better future for yourself, feeling confident in your own skin or drowning out the negative noise of a digital world, women need a positive & resilient outlook to flourish.

"African creativity can inspire a generation. That’s why at Hekaya, we are idealistic, have big dreams and believe our collective creativity can shape the future for the better. We need to be hope filled and conviction driven and move forward with strength, resilience and positivity."