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The Kaya Bag

Introducing our first accessory and fully made in Kenya product.

It gave us immense pride to work with local artisans and factories to create a sustainable product which showcases the talent which exists within Kenya and represents not only Hekaya as a brand, but also the Hekaya woman. 

To all our go-getters, our big dreamers and our strong Hekaya women. We hope you will enjoy the Kaya bag as much as we have enjoyed creating it, and allow us to share our piece of Kenya with the world. 

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Look, Live & Feel Your Best

At Hekaya we believe that collaboration is our strength and we are championing the best in our community. We live by the motto look. live and feel your best and we are empowering women that are on a mission to take charge. Through fashion, courses, coaching and community we are providing a unique online experience where women can shop, learn and be inpsired.

Every story is worth telling

At Hekaya, we live by the values of celebration, togetherness, progress, freedom and progress. We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences but we can come together with shared aspirations to write our story.

Live with a spirit of celebration

We believe African creativity can inspire a generation. We are building a community of creators and are working to see the creative potential of people released. We are idealistic, have big dreams and believe our collective creativity can shape the future for the better.